David established the kingdom like no other king! He overcame all his enemies and brought great peace and prosperity to the nation. During his reign he was directly related to, and a consequence of the praise and worship that enthroned God in the tabernacle. David proved that deliverance from all our enemies is a result of praise and worship to God. The devil fears nothing more than a man or woman who face him, after they have been face to face in the presence of God.  Singing is the voice of victory of the redeemed, it is the way we appreciate His delivering power in our lives. In the Old Testament, singing was often associated with deliverance. Both Moses and Miriam sang to God for delivering them from Egypt (Exodus 15:1-2,20-21). We should be encouraged to sing given that we have such total deliverance from the power of darkness Colossians1:13).

We are not only delivered from the enemy in this temporal life, but also guaranteed a glorious eternity with God.  A friend said recently, “As Christian’s, we have so much to celebrate.” This statement struck me so forcibly that I could not stop thinking about it for days. If we could grasp a fraction of this truth and celebrate our privileged position in Christ, it would impact many people we come in contact with every day. We have to celebrate what God has done, even if we are not yet experiencing it in our own lives. It is important to celebrate the fact that by “Jesus stripes you are healed,” (1 Peter 2:24), even though you may have symptoms in your body that contradict this reality.


King David knew the secret of continual worship when he established the Tabernacle and appointed 288 singers to sing 24 hours a day. The dedicated worship was continual for around 40 years. This gives some insight into how much God loves to hear the sound of His children singing praise, a foretaste of what would come in the New Testament. Could this have been the secret to God’ heart that distinguished David from all others?

I am convinced that there will be a generation of worshipers like no other, who will arise with singing and they won’t stop until Jesus returns. When the saints understand the power that is released when they sing, a triumphant singing church will overcome every obstacle of the enemy and shatter every stronghold.


  1. Singing praise carries life into every situation that seems dead. (Proverbs 18:21)
  2. Sing when you feel the enemy coming against you. (2 Chronicles 20:21-22)
  3. Sing because God has been good to you. (Psalm 13:6)
  4. Sing when you feel hopeless. (Psalm 42:11)
  5. Sing together before the meeting ends. (Hebrews 2:12)
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