A 13 week course designed for the entire congregation, aimed at helping you Develop a Culture of Worship in your Church.

Psalmody is a biblical and revelatory study into worship as a lifestyle and how that affects the life of every believer and church body. You will learn how your worship is related to changing circumstances, healing, giving, revival, evangelism and many more things in the Kingdom of God. It is available as a 13 week group course as well as online for individual study.

The School of Worship has been a work of the Holy Spirit evidenced by its universal acceptance translated in over 20 languages and accepted and used in diverse denominations and cultures. The consistent testimony we have received from those who have attended the course across the world has been: ‘My life has been impacted and changed by this course’

Read an excerpt from the Prophetic Vision about Schools of Worship – “There’s coming a time in the church when it won’t rest, day and night. Congregations will get together in shifts (because they want to) and worship Him, and ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’ shall be their theme. Congregations will have to be instructed in praise and worship and will not be satisfied by hearing an occasional sermon on worship or by reading books on the subject, but will have to be shown how to live the Word of praise and worship”


Psalmody Course Online – for Individuals

Psalmody Level 1 & 2 is now available to study online! Check it out here.

Psalmody School of Worship – for Groups

School of Worship is available to anyone who wants to start a group. Anyone can be a Facilitator, they just need to organise a venue & times and be able to lead a group. Approval from their pastoral leadership is also required. For a School we recommend a minimum of 5 people including the Facilitator.

To Start You Need: 

1) Facilitator DVD Starter Pack (1 per group/facilitator) which includes:

  • 13 lessons on DVD by Tom Inglis (one lesson for every week of study),
  • Psalmody Manual
  • Psalmody Workbook
  • Facilitator Teachers Manual (PDF), Video Training & other info.

2) Student Pack (1 per Student) which includes:

  • Psalmody Manual
  • Psalmody Workbook

Each Student should purchase their own Student Pack which includes a Manual and Workbook. It is advised though that the Facilitator collect money from students and pay together to ensure delivery of resources together.

Midweek church meetings, home fellowship groups, bible schools, and worship teams are examples of excellent environments in which to run the course. Be sure to check out Testimonies of others who ran or participated in Psalmody School of Worship.

If you want help starting a Psalmody School of Worship please contact us and we will help with every step of the way.