The purpose of deliverance is not just to escape hell and get to heaven, it is to serve God in this life and throughout eternity. Luke confirms why we are delivered (Luke 1:74-75). You are delivered from the hand of your enemy, so it means that he has no hand in your affairs. You are free from his grip, he can’t hold on to you in any way, and he cannot stop God’s destiny for you. God wants you to experience freedom from the work of the devil every day for the rest of the days of your life. No days are meant to be wasted or are designed for you to fail or be defeated. This does not mean we won’t have challenges and tests, for they help us to grow. It means that the devil is not in control of your life even when there are days that you have challenges, for in Christ every day is a day of freedom and victory. Every day of your life is precious and every day has been created for you to serve God. Serving God is experienced not in what we do for God but in living in fellowship with God by reading his word, praying, worship and obedience. This prepares and qualifies us for practical service. Every day of your life has been created to serve the Lord. What a privilege He gives us.


The Greek word for ‘serve’ in Luke 1:74-75 is ‘latreuo’ meaning: to minister (to God), render, religious homage, to worship’. It has been translated as ‘ones extreme devotion and service to something he or she worships’ with undivided devotion. God has created us primarily for worship. It is out of this practice that we can serve. A worshiper is the only kind of servant God wants. We are created to worship and serve God. Life for the Christian is found in these two activities and in that order. It is difficult to consistently serve God unless we consistently worship him. When we prioritize worshiping God every day, He will find something meaningful for us to do. Effective ministry comes from a worshiping heart.

Some Christians work hard for God but are still frustrated. This is because they have not developed an intimate and worship relationship with God. God does not want born again strangers who work for Him. He seeks worshippers who serve Him. He has no ‘correspondence’ worshipers. He wants those who have a close up and personal intimate relationship with Him. We are delivered to worship the God who delivered us. If we find it hard to worship it might be good to meditate on what God has delivered us from. Our freedom to worship is related to our knowledge and appreciation of deliverance. A free man will appreciate and be thankful to his liberator. Jesus is our liberator who is worthy of endless praise and worship for his redemptive work. The only way to approach God is with gladness, and this should be for our deliverance. When we do the world will see that we have been delivered and will want deliverance also.


The New Testament states that we have been delivered from the power of darkness (Colossians 1:13). A closer look at the meaning of this scripture reveals the following. The Greek word for ‘delivered’ is ‘rhoumai’ and means to rescue. The delivering power of God that rescued you is far superior to the power that once enslaved you. Deliverance happened at your rebirth because you believed in your heart and confessed with your mouth that Jesus is Lord. Staying free from the kingdom of darkness is related to what you believe and confess regarding God’s Word in your life. God has delivered you from the power of darkness therefore it has no more power over you if you walk in the light of His Word.

The devil is restricted to operating in his sphere of influence that is darkness, meaning that if you stay clear of darkness you stay free of the devil’s victory over you. He may still attack but the light in you (your faith in God’s Word and declaration of it) will overcome darkness in every situation.


God speaks to Moses just before he gave him the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:2). God told Moses that there were two things that he had delivered him from. We have been rescued from the territorial control of the devil. In reality when the devil sees you, he knows he is powerless to hurt you, because you have been delivered beyond his reach, and out of his control. Get a hold of this reality and everything holding you bondage will be released in your life. You have to see yourself beyond the devil’s reach, his influence and his power. The truth is that he cannot get to you because God has removed you from his control. You have been given a new (covenant) passport stamped with the blood of Jesus. The devil has no access into the kingdom you live in; he has no passport to enter and no visa. He has been barred from entering the place where you live, the kingdom of his dear Son. The only access the devil has is if you believe his lies. When you do, you offer him a visa for entry to visit you with sickness, disease and poverty. Resist his application for a visa to visit and he will flee.


The word ‘house’ means family, home, habitation, and also suggests intimacy. We have not only been delivered from the devil’s control, but also his intimacy. It’s true that we were once under his intimate control and manipulation because of sin but no longer. We have become ‘alive’ to God and His kingdom and ‘dead’ to the devil and his kingdom of darkness (Ephesians 2:1-2; Colossians 1:21). We now have God as our Father who wants us to call Him Papa, who loves and cares for us and seeks intimacy with us. The great message Jesus brought us was that God is a loving Father who loves intimacy with His children. You have changed kingdoms and have God as your Father. Our previous father (the devil) hated us, but our Heavenly Father loves us so celebrate your new location and freedom.


Meditate on what it means to be delivered and then thank God you are delivered from the territory and intimacy of the devil.

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