The ministry was established in 1984 after Tom Inglis was given the Prophetic Vision of worship for the future of the church, from there he started the first ‘School of Psalmody’ classes, as they were called back then.

Tom started teaching the principles of worship, thanksgiving and praise to small groups in Rhema church, South Africa. These soon grew and expanded, and for the next number of years Psalmody was taught to many in the body of Christ including leaders of other churches and denominations. Psalmody was starting to get exposure internationally and national representatives were appointed in many nations who translated and promoted the School of Worship’ in their respective parts of the world.

In 1991 Psalmody started an Academy of worship, ministry and performing arts. The Academy run for about 5 years in South Africa – attracting mostly worship leaders from 28 nations. Over 200 students graduated.

Over the years, Psalmody resources have been studied by hundreds of pastors, helped those in music ministry, been implemented into Christian highschools, and resulted in thousands of testimonies of transformed lives. Psalmody International has expanded to offer more resources, the Psalmody Level 1&2 ‘School of Worship’ remains the core course we offer to all believers to develop a worship lifestyle. The Head Office is now located in Sydney, and we have Representatives in different parts of the world. After 25 years Psalmody is continuing to release relevant and timeless teaching material for this generation.

We have recently released Psalmody Level 1&2 on DVD, making the course available to a wider range of people all over the world.  We also offer Psalmody Level 1&2 ‘Fast Track’ for people who cannot take part in a group course. The manual is also available to purchase individually, as well as mini lessons from Level 1&2 that include manual, workbook and MP3 lesson components.

‘The Worshiping You’ book published by Destiny Image was released in 2009, giving a prophetic look at where the church is heading and the role of worship in our future.

The Worshiping You ‘Equipping Series’ are a series of eBooks on subjects related to worship such as prayer and healing.  These eBook packages include an MP3 with Tom Inglis teaching and instrumental worship song. They are designed to equip believers to become ‘the worshiping you’, the book describes.

Other interesting historical facts about Psalmody:

Norway: From 1991 to 1999  46 Psalmody Schools were run in 37 different local churches representing 8 denominations, with a total of over 4000 students attending. All of these were run by Per Soetorp.

John G Lake Connection (AFCM): Was privileged to impact quite significantly the denomination of Apostolic Faith Mission in South Africa started by the great man of God – John G Lake. We had well over two hundred of the four hundred churches at the time implement the School of Worship.

Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa: The  School of Worship was done by hundreds in the Dutch reformed church, mostly in small groups with great impact in the ninety’s.