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Tom Inglis is the founder of The Worshiping Church & Psalmody School of Worship the author of it’s resources, which include the Ministry of the Psalmist, The Worshiping You book and many other resources. For Tom’s bio check out his page in the menu area. His son David Inglis is the international director for the ministry and works along side Tom to distribute and facilitate The Worshiping Church resources internationally.



The Worshiping Church UK Representatives are Stephen & Jenny Watson.

They have been partnered with Tom Inglis and Psalmody for over 20 years and are dear friends. They have faithfully represented the ministry in the UK, and other European nations, and have a passion for worship and the prophetic part it plays in the church in these times.

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If you are in the London area and want to attend Psalmody courses, we have a training centre that runs Psalmody Level 1 & 2, and Ministry of the Psalmist courses. Training courses are run by David Prasad, Jennifer Shields and their team, with oversight by Steve & Jenny Watson.

The team in London also conduct mission trips to other nations to train and teach the Psalmody curriculum.


TREVOR AND TRICIA Sampson are the South Africa representatives as effective July 1, 2015.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Trevor a
nd Tricia for many years and are confident that they embody and demonstrate the principles that Psalmody International teaches. Their ministry profile in South Africa is highly respected and their experience with significant international ministries over the years adds a dimension to this ministry that will bear much fruit.

Their personal love for God and for the Body of Christ in South Africa is fueled by a God given passion to see people understand and practice worship not only as a Sunday event but as a lifestyle. They will be travelling throughout the nation conducting seminars to equip local churches and musicians with the School of Worship courses we offer to fulfill this end.

You can contact Trevor and Trisha at




Daniele Forte is the representative to Italy, he is a pastor and worship leader with a heart to teach worship to the nation of Italy.

Daniele Forte started in ministry after he studied at Carmel Bible College (Bristol, UK) from 1998-2000. After this he served God as a musician and singer, leading worship all over Italy and recording his own worship album. He met Tom Inglis in 2000 and immediately got involved with the vision to raise up worshipers. He became a representative of Psalmody and still serves in this position with great vision for his nation –

“For years I’ve been  serving my nation teaching the body of Christ on praise and worship as a lifestyle, moreover I’ve gone on the streets and squares to hold concerts and reach the losts and bring them before the Lord. Italy is a Nation that for centuries has known religion and idolatry, now is the time that Italians start to worship their REAL God in the REAL way. Since the Word of God is reaching churches with Psalmody the whole atmosphere of worship is changing in churches and so in the community. God is just busy preparing the ground and the atmosphere for the greatest revival Italy has ever known in history. ITALY WILL WORSHIP THE LORD!!!” – Daniele Forte



Werner Bruderer has been the representative for The Worshiping Church in Switzerland since 1992 and currently oversees this ministry in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Werner has a rich background in ministry dating to 1976, when he and his wife Helen left the comfort of their home in Switzerland to become missionaries in Ethiopia and Kenya. There they taught in Bible Schools and provided support and training to over fifty pastors and leaders.
In 1985 they felt compelled to return to Switzerland, not knowing what God had in store for them. After a few years of serving in different local ministries, they began a Bible study and Sunday school, which later flourished into the church they pastor today.

Werner has conducted the School of Worship many times in his own church and taught the principles of praise and worship across Europe and Africa. He can testify of the positive impact Psalmody has brought to individuals and the church body.



Magnus Axelsson is the Representative to Sweden.

Magnus has been connected to Tom Inglis and Psalmody since 1986 when he first visited South Africa, he later came back in 1988 to study at Rhema Bible Training Center and also sat under Tom’s ministry. During this time Magnus received a heart for worship and started to get Gods vision for the end time worshiping church. He is a music pastor and has travelled in Scandinavian countries, teaching and leading worship for more than 30 years. Throughout the years, Magnus has been responsible for many Psalmody schools in Sweden and he carries a burden for the next generations musicians and worship leaders. He leads seminars and workshops, training worship leaders to get hold of the fresh anointing that will cause people to worship the Father in spirit and in truth.

Contact him below to find out more about the ministry in Sweden.



Bhaskar Lama is The Worshiping Church representative to Nepal.

Vaskar was born in India but grew up in Nepal, he studied Bible School in Denmark where he met his wife Natalie. He has a heart for raising up worshipers and runs worship schools, using the Psalmody resources, when he travels back to Nepal. Vaskar and Natalie have recently decided to relocate to Nepal to live and work and to run worship schools on a more permanent basis.



Rafael Frohe is the Representative to Brazil.

Joshua 24:14 Now therefore fear the LORD, and serve (worship) him in sincerity and in truth: and put away the gods which your fathers served on the other side of the flood, and in Egypt; and serve (Worship) ye the LORD.

Rafael Frohe is a dynamic preacher of the Word, with a bold and joyful spirit. He is responsible for the worship and music area of his church, Academia da Fé Comunidade Cristã, where he serves as an associate pastor, under the leadership of his father in faith, Helio Peixoto. He is married with Helida, his wife and helper for life.

He is a Rhema South Africa grad in music and pastoral between the years 2004 and 2005. He served two years as a worship leader at Rhema Bible Church, in Johannesburg and two more years at Touch the Nations Ministries, in Pretoria. He is also a teacher at ATOS – Escola Cristã de Liderança in worship, where Psalmody is being used in its third year programme. He is also the president of IDEA (Instituto Davidico de Excelência em Adoração), a free centre of worship and leadership studies.

His passion is to help people understand their position in Christ, influencing them to become what they where created to be, encouraging them to live their relationship with God through worship, with the message of the Kingdom
Josué 24:14 “Agora temam o Senhor e sirvam-no com integridade e fidelidade. Joguem fora os deuses que os seus antepassados adoraram além do Eufrates e no Egito, e sirvam ao Senhor.”

Rafael Frohe é um dinâmico pregador da Palavra, com um espírito ousado e alegre. Ele é pastor responsável pelo departamento de música e ensino e atua como um dos líderes de música e como mestre na Academia da Fé Comunidade Cristã no Rio de Janeiro, onde serve sob a liderança do seu pai na fé, pastor Helio Peixoto. É casado com Hélida, sua esposa e auxiliadora para toda vida.

Graduado pela Rhema Bible College (África do Sul), ele se formou em Ministério de Música e Pastorado, entre os anos de 2004 e 2005. Foi ministro de louvor durante 2 anos na Rhema Bible Church, em Johannesburg e mais dois anos na Touch the Nations Ministries, em Pretoria. Ele é professor também da ATOS – Escol Cristã de Liderança na área de adoração, onde o Psalmody está sendo usado no programa do terceiro ano. É também o presidente e fundador do IDEA (Instituto Davidico de Excelência em adoração), um centro gratuito de estudos em adoração e liderança.

Sua paixão é ajudar pessoas a entenderem sua posição em Cristo, influenciá-las a se tornarem o que elas foram criadas para ser, incentivá-las a viverem o seu relacionamento com Deus através da adoração, pela mensagem do Reino de Deus.