This is more than a book, it’s a resource, guide and workbook for music teams that will bring transformation!

Every pastor, musician and singer should read this book, as well as those who love to worship.

This book is an important timely text, for everyone involved in music ministry. It is the culmination of Tom’s many years of experience both as a worship leader and local church pastor, making it a must read not only for musicians and singers but pastors and leaders also. It outlines God’s plan for music ministry in the local church and gives insight into the role of the modern day music minister based on the timeless standards God gave King David. Old Testament principles of worship and music ministry are extrapolated and made relevant for the twenty first century local church irrespective of how small or big.


• Personal Application & Group discussions with thought provoking
questions at the end of every chapter.
• Can be implemented as a 15-minute group study before music practice
or weekend seminars/connect groups.

Foreword by Kim Clement.

Download a Sample Chapter

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