The Worshiping You


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If you know where God is taking the church, you will know how to prepare for the journey. This book gives prophetic insight into the place of worship that God is taking the church, what you can expect and how to prepare for it. You will learn:
• A prophetic insight into what the church will look like in the years to come and the changes necessary to bring it about.
• How valuable and unique your worship is to God.
• What happens to you and your circumstances when you worship.
• How we can best prepare our children and the next generation for the astounding revival that will take place through them.
• How God wants to release His healing power through worshipers that will shake the world.

The Worshiping You book is an extension of the Prophetic Vision, which Tom orginially got in 1984. In this book he expanded on the vision and included practical teaching about worship lifestyle, revival, and the great harvest of souls into the Kingdom. We encourage you to read this book as it is relevant to the entire church body.


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