Recently I was reminded by a Facebook friend of a live worship recording I led with Hosanna Integrity Music in SA years ago. He made reference to the impact it had on his life and commented on the internationally renowned choir who were part of the recording called the Drakensburg Boys Choir as well as other well-known musicians who played on the CD/DVD called ‘We Are One’. The music video was subsequently well received by many Christians around the world, but very few know the remarkable story of God’s grace that was extended to the boy’s choir who took part in it. When I was asked by Integrity Music to organize a choir to sing on the album I contacted the Drakensberg Boys Choir, based in the beautiful mountain area in South Africa called the Drakensburg Mountains in the province of Natal. The student’s are hand picked to attend this school that prepares boys for excellence in music and academics.

The first thing I asked was if they were Christians and second if they were available. I got positive confirmation of both and was excited to have them with us at the live recording in front of 5000 people at the Rhema North Church in Johannesburg under the leadership of Pastor Ray McCauley.

I told Integrity they had agreed and they were also excited to have such a famous choir join us in the live recording. All seemed to be going well until about a week before the event when someone told me the boys were not Christians. I panicked a bit knowing the importance of this recording and the impact it might have of having non-Christians be a part of it. These were the ‘heady’ days of anointed worship recordings spearheaded by Integrity Music and I knew of no previous live recording they had done with non-believers. I decided not to tell anyone at Integrity even when the entourage of about 20 musicians and singers arrived including such notable names as Don Moen, Ron Kenoly, Abraham Laboreal, Alex Acuna, Tom Brooks and Husto Almario.

 The evening was amazing and so anointed and at the end of the recording Pastor Ray made an altar call and about 15 of the 20 odd boys responded to receive Jesus as their personal Savior to the surprise and joy of everyone in the auditorium. I learned a few important things from this. God told me that His heart for the evening was not just to anoint a worship video that would bless ten’s of thousands around the world, but to extend his saving grace to those precious young men. The fact that they were not saved during the recording did not affect the anointing of the recording, in fact many have told me that the boy’s voices were “so anointed”. God’s grace extends beyond our limited thinking of what we think He can do.

The story however does not end there, as months later I heard that revival had broke out in the mountains where the boys lived and that many others boys received the Lord. I will never forget that evening when the Lord did so much in spite of me and I thank Him for leading me to invite them to sing, but more importantly to receive Him into their lives.

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