These following testimonies are just a few of the countless we have received from believers all over the world. We would love to hear from you, if you have a testimony share it with us here.

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“I was blessed to be a Psalmody students somewhere around the early 1990’s at Rhema. What a blessing it was to be taught by Tom and how I loved those nights. I couldn’t wait for the next lesson. I sing off key and yet I love to praise and worship our King. I am so blessed to have stumbled upon your sight. Thank you Tom for teaching me to praise and really worship as a life style. God bless”

“Psalmody has opened up a deeper awareness and appreciation of the principles of the kingdom and how to apply them. I have become more aware of the bigger picture beyond church walls and how I fit in with God’s plan. Personally the course has caused me to think deeper and aim higher for the things of God. Thank you for bringing a course that’s real.”
Mark Spivey

“As a new Christian I have found the course enlightening and is a great top up to worship on Sundays. Congratulations to Ps. Tom for his vision, I look forward each week to be in his presence and hunger for the knowledge of the word of God – I’ve only just begun”
Linda Migro

“ Being a new believer for a very short time I have found this Psalmody course so uplifting so full of love and so rewarding. I feel fulfilled with spirit and know I have so much more I can learn and share. The power of worship and the power of song are now part of my daily life, and people wonder what I am on”
Sue Meagher

“I am the worship pastor for our church – yet somebody else had to introduce me to your teaching, How glad am I for my friend…. “
John Carey

“There was an overwhelming appreciation of the course content. Participants came to a revelation of the elements of worship and their lives have changed toward a lifestyle of worship.”
Yvonne Crosby

“Greetings in the name of our Saviour Jesus Christ.I would like to say thank you once again for teaching us about “Foundation and Principles of Worship”.Really it has blessed me a lot in my spiritual life and in my relationship with Jesus Christ. Thanks a lot Psalmody International. I am hoping and praying for school of worship Level-2 in future.Praise the lord.”
Tirthaman Gurung 
Kathmandu, Nepal

“The Psalmody course inspired us to be more serious about our calling, and the overall responsibilities that follow it. The teaching of Psalmody Ministries taught about how devil devises plans to keep us away from the word of God, which precedes praise, which led us to realize a very important fact that every worship leader should have a good understanding and knowledge of the Word of God and it is very important to have the knowledge of God. We also got to learn the different terminologies related to praise and worship and their meanings, in order to have a proper praise and worship that God delights in. Many people in Nepal have given up worshipping the idols just because they want to be healed of some disease. They wander from place to place but to no avail and finally they land up in the churches, their last hope. Most of the people have become Christians because they got freedom from some diseases. In such a context, Tom Inglis teaching reflected how an effective worship can be a place of healing and how it can carry the power to heal people. This taught us, as a worship team, how responsible and how our ministry can be effective in giving hope to so many other people as well who turn to Christ as their final hope.”
Upasana Gurung Kathmandu, Nepal

“The Psalmody course has shown me that, as an active praising and worshipping believer, I have been given a personal portable power pack.  Through praise and worship I have access to every available source of empowerment for every eventuality I may encounter in my life.  Whether I am simply uttering, ‘thank you Father, thank you Jesus” or whether I am in deep praise and worship, I become empowered to receive what He has set aside for me and He uses me as a vessel to do His will because during this act of praise and worship I am living in the purpose for which I was created – to worship my Creator in and through all I do.

Psalmody has also changed my spiritual disposition.  It has opened a new, deeper and more fulfilling dimension in my relationship with my Maker.  I am now so aware of the power that praise and worship yields and the pleasure my worship gives my Heavenly Father.  I realise that, no matter where I am or what the situation, by simply praising and worshiping Him I can let go and let God with the full knowledge that through my obedience to worship Him all will be well and His will, will be done. The teachings offered by Psalmody School of Worship are vital in and to the life of every believer.  Thank you for this blessing.”
Margaret Lamprecht South Africa

“The School of Worship is really having a tremendous impact on the lives of those who attend here at our church.  I am seeing people’s eyes being opened and lives being transformed each week as I facilitate the lessons.”
Northern Cape, South Africa

“Just wanted to let you know that we are having some sort of “Worship Explosion” happening in our Bible Study group – it is truly awesome!!! Everything I had been hoping would come to pass by doing this worship course is unfolding right in front of my eyes, it is really exciting and amazing.  I can see a flow on effect to the whole church actually – Praise the Lord some more!”
School of Worship – NSW, Australia

”As we came together in our life group we had a great time of blessings as we listened and studied the heart of worship.  It has given us  a lot more to think about and to grow in a more powerful way.  We look forward to the days ahead to see and to know what the Lord has in store for us”
Kilwinning, Scotland

“Learning this Psalmody course in our house group setting has brought Papa God into a reality.  In a safe environment with no condemnation we have shared our innermost thoughts and experiences.  Not only have I come closer to God but closer to these new people experiencing friendship and support – by sharing our vulnerabilities we have shared the very heart of Gods love.”
Kilwinning, Scotland

“The course has turned my thinking upside down! Things that I have known for years have become a living reality.  Towdah praise is giving thanks for something which is yet to happen.  I decided to thank God for good sales for my business.  I was astounded when He chose to answer prayer very quickly
I have been faitfully tithing but lets face it..when yuou dont have much in the first place then you feel pretty rotten at such a small tithe.  He blessed me so much at one  point that I was able to put extra tithe in my envelope.  How my heart cheered! I am ‘towdah ing’ now that the time will come when I can do that all the time hallelujah.” Kilwinning, Scotland

“The course has taught me that there are so many ways to worship and how much it means to God when we worship Him.  I now realise that worship has to be a lifestyle.”
Kilwinning, Scotland

“My daughter and her future husband are getting married middle of Sept this year.  For some months now they have been looking to purchase a house with a view to exchanging contract middle August so that they can prepare the house to be ready to move in Sept after the wedding.
They had numerous disappointments, their offers being rejected in favour or others even although they were in a good position to purchase with no chain of other purchasers.
6 weeks ago Pastor Tom taught on Towdah praise.  I shared this with my daughter and future son in law and we decided to thank and praise God for the right house in the right location and the right time so that they would have a home to move into after they were married.
The following week the estate agent that they had been dealing with told them of a house which was due to come on the market due to the death of the elderly owner.  They viewed the house and made their best offer.  The beneficiaries said they wanted to put the hosue on the market.  This meant competition.  However they continued to thank God and praise Him for the right house.  2 weeks later they came back and accepted their offer without putting the house on the market and they are due to exchange with completion middle of August in perfect time for the wedding in September.  I will also add that this house is far superior in location and size with far more potential that any of the other houses they viewed! Yesterday they purchased wooden letters to make a plaque to hang up in their new home……and the word is ????? TOWDAH!! God is so Good” 
Margaret, Kilwinning, Scotland

“School of Worship  what can I say!  doing the course has been a tremendous experience for myself and all the group. Everyone has been blessed so much. It has been lifechanging. One member of the group has learned so much about the act of worship in giving thanks in every situation and trusting God. She used to pray and then panic, and then panic then pray, but now she prays and gives thanks all the time and she has seen God turn situations around again and again. Praise the Lord. Another member got especially blessed in giving is worship. As one who tithes she now realises more about God requiring our offerings also and about how we rob God. The whole group has been so stirred by this course and have taken from it and are applying it’s lifechanging principles. I myself have been changed for ever by this course. My revelation of  my salvation has deepened and a gratitude has come up from within me that is increasing and will contine to increase. I felt after I had done the first lesson that I had been given a key of the Kingdom that was going to radically change my life, so I am going to be turning the key. Thank you Pastor Nan and Pastor Bernie and Pastor Tom for giving us this opportunity to grow in God”
Kilwinning, Scotland

“ The Course has made me Want to worship God, love to worship God and have a greater appreciation and understanding of worship and its significance in our day to day lives”
Ranjan Watson

“Psalmodys’ teaching has really been an awakening to the true meaning of praise and worship. I now realise it is a 24/7 lifestyle not just for Sundays only.
Thank you Tom Inglis for making this course available. Thanks to the V/L team for the presentation.”
Ronald Green

“I practised what I’ve learnt (Lesson 8, 2 Chr 20:19). When I visited Singapore in July 08, I was going to ask my mum if she would receive Jesus, as her Lord and Saviour. Before I met mum I worshipped God with some ‘salvation songs. When the praise was based on His faithfulness and promises, I felt that God opened Heaven’s door – ‘the Red sea was open’ and mum accepted God’s love and gave her life to Jesus on July 16 and water baptised on July 19. My mother in law also received Salvation on the same day.
All glory to Jesus!”
Edwina Tan

“What a blessing Tom has been through Psalmody. It was so refreshing and motivating. The worship was beautiful – because everyone there was hungry to know God in a more intimate way. Such gems of insight were showed each week. I am excited about applying everything I’ve learned in my daily walk with God.
Thank you Ps. Tom for making this possible for us all.”
Rose Hart

“For the Church (Body of Christ) this is like rocket fuel is to a rocket. If the church gets a hold of these principles, keys and revelations and transforms these into a ‘lifestyle’ it will power and literally explore it into a whole new realm, take it to a new level.”
Mark Maynard

“ This course had been, very interesting, I have learned so much about worshipping God and tithing. Giving in Love. Freedom to give. Where your heart is, so will your treasure be. Praise God!”
Doreen Campbell

“Going through this course had given us a greater understanding of what worship is about and how to apply it”
Frank and Sandra Toth

“We have really loved the Psalmody School of worship and would like to see more of our church blessed through it. Ps. Tom is a very good teacher and you can see the Spirits inspiration in the way he has brought it together.”
Colin and Fran Fallows

“It has come at a great time for me and has been a pleasure to be in the Psalmody School of Worship. It has helped to equip me for my trip to Africa. I’m looking forward to being able to start the second course.”
Shena Tremain

“Praise God for clear teaching on worship as a lifestyle. I am more in love with God and desire to continue to grow in Praise and Worship”
Phyllis Mc Illancie

“Through this course, God confirmed to me that to be able to praise Him and worship Him, we must be like King David who is a man after God’s heart. Our heart must be set upon Him through loving Him and through loving Him, vice-versa. It is not a man-made act but truly from your very heart of praise and thanksgiving, that we are able to praise Him and thank Him. To me this is the very core of worship and praise in the ministry of Psalmody School of Worship”

“I had done only two lessons in psalmody level one a few years ago and they stuck with me… i was always hungry for more. when i moved church and started bible college at His Church, i was excited to find that psalmody was a course on offer! this year, Jane Curle thought psalmody level one in the college and level two in our creative arts academy- it has revolutionized my life and transformed my concept and expression of worship. thank you for such a life-changing course!! it is amazing receive teaching from a woman who has been changed so radically by the very same course- the impartation is incredible! THANK YOU!!”
Nosipho Mkhize

“Hi Tom, Having looked at the new material you offer I am excited about it. I have led Psalmody courses over the past 6 years and have always been amazed how God has moved on people. It’s been a wonderful to be in that unique position to watch people ‘open up’ to His love and to watch them grow as they have put these principles into practice. It’s been exciting to watch people grasp ‘new meanings’ of His word and to watch them develop their intimate journey with Him. I would love to be able to continue to share Psalmody again using the new material in due course. Many blessings, Julie.”