We need global revival and worship is the forerunner that will not only initiate it but also maintain it as an integral part of the Glorious church that is currently emerging. To even the most casual observer it must be obvious that there has never been a time when the spiritual activity against Christianity by secularists and other religions has been greater. The ferocity and blatancy of the attack must surely awaken us to the urgency of the hour in which we live and to the reality that the ultimate battle rages for worshipers. (2 Thessalonians 2:4 & John 4:23)

However the Church has a glorious future as the prophetic timetable ticks down toward the end of this age when the church will reach its most glorious state before Jesus returns. In the midst of global degradation, disorder, war, confusion and chaos, God’s people will be experiencing His glory and power like no other previous generation. (Isaiah 60:1 -2)

‘The Worshiping Church’ website is an exciting development toward the fulfillment of a vision given to me in 1984 to help prepare the Church to become what the Father God is seeking, namely worshipers. We exist to transform lives through the reality of a life of worship. Tens of thousands have benefitted from our resources in over 40 nations. We know that now is a kairos moment to launch our updated resources via the web to a greater church audience. Our website is a virtual training center catering for everyone in a local church, leaders, children’s ministers, children, worship ministers and every believer.

We offer free blogs, articles, video’s, mp3’s on a range of subjects all related to equipping the Church. We encourage you to partner with us to help us spread the vision into the nations.

Our plans are intentional, specific, and doable and with the help of monthly partners and members we will be able to equip this generation to worship in spirit and truth as Jesus commanded.

Tom Inglis