Another expression of praise in the Old Testament is the Hebrew word ‘Towdah’. It is used in conjunction with an offering and with extended hands in adoration. It includes confession, sacrifice, thanksgiving, offering, or a combination of all these things. Let them sacrifice the sacrifices of thanksgiving (Towdah), and declare His works with rejoicing (Psalm 107:22). I will offer to You the sacrifice of thanksgiving (Towdah), and will call upon the name of the Lord (Psalm 116:17).

At times God will require us to give Him a sacrifice of praise, ignoring the circumstances and praising Him as if the desired results exist. Praising Him for promises not yet experienced, healing not yet manifested, strongholds yet broken through. This is praise that acts according to what God has said and not necessarily what we are currently experiencing. Some have said it is the highest expression of faith. Most of us already operate in this kind of praise because we believe and praise a God we have never seen for things that we do not yet have, but are promised to us in God’s Word. Towdah praise responds to God’s promises irrespective of the circumstances.


God requires that we enter His presence with a particular type of praise, namely Towdah, meaning that when we approach either in prayer, worship or in fellowship it is always on the basis that we believe His word and praise Him for it. Enter into His gates with thanksgiving (Towdah), And into His courts with praise. Be thankful to Him, and bless His name (Psalm 100:4). Towdah is a praise filled confession that God’s word is infallible and working in your circumstances. If Towdah praise opens up the door to His presence, every other door cannot remain closed to you. It also refers to pacify using words meaning that when you speak God’s words you pacify your own heart and change the situation.


As a kingdom of priests we are to offer God spiritual sacrifices such as those mentioned in Hebrews 13:15-16 and James 1:2. These include doing good, sharing our resources, being generous and kind, and making the sacrifice of joy. More than this, God wants us to be living sacrifices according to Romans 12:1. In John 7:38-39, Jesus refers to the Holy Spirit who will flow out of believers as rivers of living water. This speaks of rivers of life that will be poured out through us to others. The Holy Spirit doesn’t want us to be internal dams for His Rivers of life. Our effectiveness in the kingdom can be measured by the sacrifices we make for others. This kind of sacrifice pleases God. ‘Towdah’ is a lifestyle of sacrifice as we allow God to flood us with His life so that we can empty it out onto others. For further study read Psalm 50:14, Psalm 56:12-13, Psalm 107:22 and Psalm 116:17.

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